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The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required growing space.
tender   bulbs/plants must be dug for winter & stored/potted
*   an herb and good landscape material
**   rockery
***   ground cover
shade  shade material
Z   hardiness zone (example: Z4)

We sell only top size bulbs and ship at the correct planting time.

A full line of Fall, Spring and Summer blooming bulbs are available at the nursery Sept. 1st.

Receive a 5% discount on spring blooming bulbs ordered prior to June 10th.
Sorry, no discount on: lillium, lycoris, cyclamen, canna, colchicum, or oxalis regnelli.

These varieties for fall shipping only.
Alliums from bulbs are great garden subjects. They go dormant after bloom, so tuck them in close to later blooming plants ex. the taller varieties by the June blooming Lilium, shorter ones near August bloom Campanula carpatica. All Allium like well drained soil.

A. caeruleum - 12" tall, May-June, 6 for $1.99
A. cernuum - (Nodding Onion) - lavender/light pink with pendant like bell shaped flowers June to Aug, 18" tall,
6 for $3.00
A. christophii (albopilosum) - 20 tall, 4 purple bloom, June, seeds heads dry, 3 bulbs for $2.75
A. moly - 8 tall, yellow 2 bloom, May/June 6 bulbs for $1.99
A. ostrowskianum - 8 tall, pink 2 bloom, May/June, 6 bulbs for $1.99
A. unifolium - 6"-8" tall, 2" pink bloom, 6 for $1.99
A. karataviense 'Ivory Queen' - ivory white florets with green eye, glaucus foliage, 8" tall, 3 for $3.00
A. 'Purple Sensation' - 30 tall, 3 dark purple bloom, May, seed heads dry well, 3 for $2.75
A. schubertii - 12 tall, bloom is 14 pink sparkler ball, May, spectacular, $1.59

ANEMONE BLANDA - 6" tall, mixed colors, very early, Z 3-9,
6 for $1.80 (fall shipping only)
A. blanda 'Blue' - blue 6" blooms, 6 for $2.25

BRODIAEA LAXA - dark blue, tubular bloom clusters, June, 18" tall, 6 for $1.50
B. 'Queen Fabiola' - 18" tall, June-July bloom, Z 5-8, 6 for $2.25

CAMASSIA (fall shipping only)
Camassia cusickii - 32" spikes of blue bloom, May, $3.50 more information
C. leichtlinii Alba - 30" white bloom, May, $3.50
C. leichtlinii 'Semiplena' - double creamy white bloom, 32" tall, $4.25 each

Canna 'Stuttgart' - green leaves with random white splashes. small orange-yellow flowers, 60" tall Z 6-8 $9.98

CHIONODOXA more information (fall shipping only)
C. luciliae - 6" tall, blue bloom, very early spring, 6 for $1.75
C. 'Alba' - 6" tall, white bloom, very early spring, 6 for $1.75
C. 'Pink Giant' - 6" tall, pink bloom, very eraly spring, 6 for $2.75

COLCHICUM Fall Bloom (fall shipping only) more information  more information2
C. autumnale alba - single white, $7.50 ea.
C. autumnale 'Alboplenum' - double white, $11.95 each
C. autumnale giganteum - large lilac blooms that flatten out like a lily, $5.50
C. autumnale 'Lilac Wonder' - single lilac $4.00 ea.
C. autumnale pleniflorum - double lilac, 4" tall, Z3-9 $7.50
C. autumnale 'The Giant' - 8" masses of lavender bloom in Sept. from one bulb, increase quickly $4.50
C. autumnale 'Water Lily' - double bloom, pink, $7.50 ea.
C. bornmuelleri - huge fragrant pink bloom, 6" tall, Z5-9, $6.50
C. byzantium (syn. Autumnal Major) - large rosy lilac blooms, 4" across with 2" petals, Z 5-9, $6.50 each
C. byzantium album - white with pink tips, $10.95
C. pannonicum - bright, mauve violet blooms with a white line starting at the base of each segment, 6" tall, Z5-9, $4.50
C. speciosum alba - huge tulip size white blooms, $11.95
C. var. 'Tenorii' - blush lavender with small white veins, 6" tall, Z5-9, $6.50

CROCUS (fall shipping only)
C. 'Giant' Mix - 4", early spring, Z4-9, 6 for $1.90
C. chrysanthus (Snow Crocus) - mix colors, 4", very early, Z4-9, 6 for $1.60
C. sieberi 'Tricolor' - 3", purple with yellow and white eye, very early, z3-9, 6 for $1.60
C. sativus (saffron) - Fall Bloom, 4" tall, lavender bloom, (spice saffron: may be harvested), 3 for $2.25
C. speciosus - Fall Bloom, 6" tall, lavender, Z4-9, 6 for $2.00
C. zonatus - Fall Bloom, 4" tall, rose-red bloom, 6 for $2.00
C. zonatus 'Alba' - fall bloom, 4" tall white, 3 for $2.40

CYCLAMEN    (see for more information)
C. Neapolitanum (syn. hederifolium) - pink bloom in fall, most reliably hardy of all the Cyclamen species, flowering well in the garden and seeding around, grows well both in full sun and partial shade or beneath deciduous trees, Z4  large #2 bulbs of blooming size  $8.49
C. Neapolitanum alba - white form Z4, large #2 bulbs of blooming size $9.99
C. Coum - pink blooms in spring, grows in shady places in coniferous and broadleafed woodland and scrub, sometimes growing amongst tree roots and rocks, needs good drainage, large #2 bulbs of blooming size $8.49

DAFFODILS/NARCISSUS - Top size bulbs, other varieties available, please inquire.   (fall shipping only)
Narcissus cyclamineus Jenny - 8" tall, miniature cyclamineus daffodil, white, creamy white cup, 3 for $2.25
N. tazetta 'Minnow' - 10", sulphur yellow, 3 for $2.00
N. triandrus 'Thalia' - 14" tall, white, 3 for $2.00
N. 'Curlew' (Jonquilla) - 14" tall, fragrant, late flowering 3 for $2.75
N. 'Bridal Crown' - fragrant multiple creamy/white bloom with yellow cup segments, 3 for $3.50
N. 'Delibes' - large 4" flower, golden yellow petals with a shallow bowl of lemon yellow with broad orange rim, 16" tall, early bloom, 3 for $2.50.
N. 'February Gold' - small cyclamenius, sulphur yellow petals with darker yellow cup, 10"-12" tall, early bloom, 3 for $1.80
N. 'Golden Dawn' (Tazetta) - 14" tall, fragrant, late flowering, 3 for $ 1.25
N. 'Hawera' (Triandrus) - 7" tall, 3 to 5 blooms per stem, late flowering, 3 for $1.50
N. 'Ice Wings' (Triandrus) - 12" tall, multiple blooms per stem, early flowering, 3 for $3.25
N. 'Lemon Beauty' - split cup narcissus with 4" bloom, star shaped lemon yellow heart, with white petals, mid bloom time, 3 for $3.50.
N. 'Petit Four' - large bloom, double peach/pink/cream trumpet with white petals, 16" tall, mid bloom time,
3 for $3.50
N. 'Pipit', - (Jonquilla), 8" tall, light yellow, yellow and white cup,
3 for $2.25
N. 'Quail' (Jonquilla) - multi flowering, fragrant, 10" tall early to mid flowering, 3 for $1.25
N. 'Salome' - large 3" bloom, white petals with apricot pink to old rose with yellow edge trumpet, mid season bloom, 3 for $2.50
N. 'Slim Whitman' (large cupped) - beautiful, 16" tall mid flowering, 3 for $2.75
N. 'Spellbinder' -(Trumpet daffodil), 16" tall, greenish-lemon trumpet to white-lemon yellow petals, 3 for $2.25
N. 'Stainless' - 4" bloom, ivory-white petals and cup, green eye, late, 3 for $2.50
N. 'Fortissimo' - (Large cup daffodil), 17" tall, huge bloom, golden yellow-orange trumpet, 3 for $3.00
N. 'Palmares' - (Split corona), 16", white-light pink, 3 for $3.50
N. 'Tahiti' - 16", double yellow-orange, 3 for $2.25
N. 'Mondragon' - (Split corona), 16", yellow-orange cup, fragrant,
3 for $3.50
N. 'Carlton' - (Trumpet), 17", yellow trumpet and petals, 3 for $2.50
N. 'Paperwhites' - fragrant, white bloom for forcing indoors in winter,
3 for $2.95
Naturalizing Mix - a mix of smaller grade bulbs that used for naturalizing in woodlands etc. Good varieties at a great price. 12 for $2.25

ERANTHIS  (fall shipping only)
E. hyemalis - (Winter Aconite) - 4" tall, yellow, very early, Z3-9,
6 for $2.50

FRITILLARIA   (fall shipping only)
F. adiyaman- 30", black-purple bells on stalk, May bloom, $4.69
F. imperiallis 'Rubra' - burnt orange to flushed read, 36" tall, $4.69
F. meleagris - 8" tall, May bloom, purple and white bells, Z 3-9,
6 for $2.00
F. michallovski - 7", magenta and yellow edged bell, Z3-9, 6 for $3.50
F. pontica - 12" tall, Z 4-8, 3 for $5.99

GALANTHUS  (fall shipping only)
G. nivalis - (Snowdrops), 4" tall, white bell, very early, Z3-9,
6 for $2.90

HYACINTHUS - 3 for $3.25 (fall shipping only)
Blue Magic - blue with white eye
Carnegie - white
City of Harlem - yellow
Gypsy Queen - orange and peach blend
Woodstock - dark fushia purple
Hollyhock - double bloom, cerise
Multiflora type - several loose blue flower stalks per bulb, heritage,
3 for $4.50
Hyacinth mix - 3 for $3.25

IPHEION more information  (fall shipping only)
I. 'Wisley Blue' - 8" tall, blue, May-June, lovely, Z4-9, 6 for $2.50

I. reticulata danfordiae - 6" tall, early spring, yellow, fragrant, Z5-9, 6 for $1.60 (fall shipping only)
I. reticulata ' - dark blue, early spring, fragrant, 6 for $1.60
I. reticulata 'Cantabe' - light blue, 6" tall, early spring, fragrant, 6 for $1.60 (fall shipping only)

IXIOLIRION  (fall shipping only)
I. pallassii - 12" tall, lavender-blue, May-June, Z4-9, 6 for $1.25

LILIUM - basal roots on lily bulbs should never be allowed to dry, asiatics bloom first, orientals later, and are fragrant. Potted. Top size bulbs.

Lilium 'America' - upright dark red to purple toned flowers, on stiff 40" stems, asiatic, beautiful $3.98
Lilium 'Casa Blanca' - white 32" oriental $4.98
Lilium 'Grand Cru' - 30" yl/red eye asiatic $4.98
Lilium 'Le Reve' - clear bright pink with red freckles, 32" tall, oriental $4.98
Lilium 'Mona Lisa' - large clear pink, fragrant, 30" tall, oriental $4.98
Lilium 'Montreaux' - lavender-pink with dark freckles, 24"-30" tall, asiatic $3.98
Lilium 'Stargazer' - ruby, late, fragrant 2' oriental $4.98

LEUCOJUM more information  (fall shipping only)
L. aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' - 30" tall, 3/4" white bell shape bloom with green tips spring bloom, 3 for $3.50

LYCORIS more information  (fall shipping only)
L. Squamigera (Magic Lily) - 2.5' tall, spring foliage, pink August bloom, hardy, multiplies quickly, large blooming size bulbs shipped, , $3.50 each

MUSCARI  (fall shipping only)
M. armeniacum - (grape hyacinth), 6" tall, blue, early spring, Z3-9,
6 for $1.75 more information
M. comosum - reddish violet with fringed tip, 3 for $2.50.
M. botryoides album - 6" tall, white bloom, April-May, Z3-9,
6 for $2.75
M. latifolium - 4"-6" tall, light blue top, purple below, April-May, Z3-9, 6 for $1.50
M. 'Valerie Finnis' - 6" tall, light sky blue, April-May, Z3-9, 6 for $3.00

Oxalis adenophylla - 4" tall, spring bloom, Z3-9, 6 for $2.50
Oxalis - large triangular leaves, lavender bloom hardy to -36° F, pot $3.00
Oxalis regnellii - purple foliage, pink bloom, beautiful Z6, pot $3.50

PUSCHKINIA (fall shipping only)
P. libanotica - 4"-6" tall, light blue, Z3-9, 6 for $1.60

SCILLA  (fall shipping only)
S. campanulata - 12" tall, mixed colors, spring, Z3-9, 6 for $2.60
S. siberica - 6" tall, blue bloom, very early, 6 for $1.90

STERNBERGIA LUTEA - yellow crocus like bloom, fall, well drained location, 6 for $8.95 (fall shipping only)

TULIP - All bulbs top size. 3 for $2.00 (fall shipping only)
Angelique - double pink peony type, late bloom time
Apricot Beauty - light apricot, early to mid bloom time
Apricot Parrot - pale apricot yellow, 20" tall very ate bloom time
Black Hero - black purple peony type, late bloom time
Blue Aimable - lilac blue, 22" tall, late blooming
Blue Heron - fringed violet blue, 24" tall, late blooming
Carnaval de Nice - double white flamed red, 20" tall, late blooming
Don Quichotte - triumph, rose red, 20" tall, mid season bloom
Estella Rijnveld - red flamed white parrot type, 20" tall, late blooming
Gavota (Triumph) - blend rose wine, cream to yellow edge, a favortie, mid spring bloom
Lilac Perfection - double lilac, 20" tall, late blooming
Orange Favorite (Parrot) - orange fringed parrot, very late bloom time
Queen of the Night - black, 24" tall, late blooming
Queen of Sheba - red edged yellow lily type, 24" tall, late blooming
Shirley (Triumph) - white spotted and edged in lavender purple, mid bloom time
Spring Green (Vridiflora type) - white with green feathering, late bloom time


Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for refund minus postage.

We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

Prices subject to change.

All Material , 2000-2003.

To order, go here: How to Order, or email with your questions.

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