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Many plants have flowers and pods that can be dried for arrangements and wreaths. I have always grown certain plants for their drying qualities and had dried bouquets in my home, even before they were in vogue. We usually have dried Baby's Breath and German Statice for sale, dried properly so as not to look like it has been smashed. We also have dried pods, herbs, and a good selection of colorful Statice Sinuata, Gomphrena, and Celosia, $10.00 per bundle.

The following is a list of plants that can be used for drying.

ALCHEMILLA - flower spray and foliage glycerine well-stems in 1/3 glycerine to 2/3 warm water solution

ACHILLEA - blooms dry beautifully

ALLIUM - seed heads on A. Christophi, A. High Society, A. Alfatunense

ARTEMISIA - entire stem of foliage and bloom dry well

BAPTISIA - sprays of black pods

CENTAUREA MACROCEPHALA - dry when bloom is at its peak

CROCOSMIA seed heads


ECHINOPS - cut for drying as first flower in ball opens, to keep from disintegrating, dip in solution of 1 Tbs. Elmers Glue & 1/2 c. water and stand upright

ERYNGIUM - blooms dry blue

GYPSOPHILIA GRASSES - any listed in this catalog - seedhead or plumes

HYDRANGEA - bloom heads of Annabelle are best, but Sister Therese turn red and Paniculata varieties have lav/pk shades

LAVENDER - bloom spikes

LIMONIUM (Sea Lavender) - cut when spray has blooms

LIATRIS - cut at peak bloom

IRIS PSUEDACORUS - stem of green pods, hang upside down till dry

IRIS, SIBERIAN AND SPURIA - both have stems of pods

SANTOLINA - both foliage and bloom dry

STACHYS - bloom dries very well

STATICE - several perennial varieties

Nigella - pods
Scabiosa Stellata
Lunaria (Money Plant) - truly a biennial, dies as seed pods form (Seed pack $1.50)
Statice Sinuata

GUARANTEE: Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for refund minus postage.

We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

Prices subject to change.

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