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The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required growing space.  

We have over 300 varieties for sale. We list these varieties for mail order, many more available at the nursery. Our Hosta's are large size root divisions, NOT lined out tissue culture. Each are sold per crown, but have eyes that will produce more by the end of the season.

Large (L) 18" - 25", Very Large (VL) 26" - 36"
Medium (M) 10" - 18", Small (S) 5" - 9"
MINI refers to tiniest leaf & height 1" - 3" Tall

Big Mama - (L) very puckered blue-green near white bloom $15.00
Blue Angel - (VL) huge heavy puckered foliage white bloom $18.00
Blue Danube - (M) thick deep blue broad leaves, oval shape $18.00
Blue Dimples - (M) mounds of very blue foliage $15.00
Blue Moon - (S) flat mound of heart shaped foliage $15.00
Blue Umbrella - (VL) heavy crinkled blue-green foliage $12.00
Blue Wedgewood - (M) metalic blue wedge shape leaves $15.00
Buckshaw Blue - (M) very blue heavy texture white bloom $15.00
Camelot - (M) grey-blue heavy texture white bloom $20.00
Glauca - (M) heart shape gray-green, glaucus blue underside $8.00
Halcyon - (M) fast growing heavy spear shape foliage, a favorite $10.00
Krossa Regal - (L) upright frost blue spear shape foliage $8.50
Love Pat - (M) compact puckered cup shaped intense blue $12.00
Nigrescens - (L) very large ashy grey spear shaped foliage $16.00
Sea Lotus Leaf - (L) cupped puckered blue-green, white underside $20.00
Sieboldiana Elegans - (L) blue-grey round foliage $10.00

Christmas Tree - (ML) green with hit or miss white margins $20.00
Fortunei Albo-Marginata - (M) clear green narrow white border $10.00
Fragrant Bouquet - (L) pale green center, yl to white margins, fragrant lav. bl. $22.00
Francee - (M) heart shape forest green with narrow white margin $10.00
Frosted Jade - (L) dark green with wide white border $18.00
Patriot - (M) green with widest pure white margin $25.00
Whirlwind - (L) pale green to creamy white center with dark green margins, twisted & curved leaves $20.00
Wide Brim - (M) clear green with narrow white border $10.00

August Moon - (ML) puckered 7" heart shaped foliage whitish bloom $7.50
Blond Elf - (S) golden narrow leaves, mound form $8.00
Chartrues Wiggles -(S) mini narrow yellow ruffled with wiggly edge $12.00
Gold Drop - (S) mounds of round smooth foliage tolerates sun $5.00
Gold Edger - (S) small round leaves, tolerates sun $6.00
Gold Regal - (L) upright 11" foliage, glaucus cast bluish purple bloom $18.00
Gold Regal Marginata - (L) upnght with glaucus cast lighter green edge $32.00
Golden Boullion - (M) mounds of puckered foliage $10.00
Golden Scepter - (S) bright heart shaped foliage, rapid growth habit $7.50
Good As Gold - (M) heavy chartreuse to gold, pest resistant foliage $12.00
Heartache - (L) rounded bright gold heart shaped blade, deep purple bl. $18.00
Lemon-lime - photo2 (S) mini 2" wavy lanceolate green-gold foliage lovely $8.00
On Stage - (L) bright yellow center with irregular green margins, best color in sun $35.00
Piedmont Gold - (M) bright gold in shade, white bloom $15.00
Sum And Substance - (VL) largest upright glossy puckered foliage $30.00

Candy Hearts - (M) thick heart shaped foliage $5.00
Emerald Green - (S) 4" heart shaped leaves, good edger purple bloom $6.00
Feather Boa - (S) mini yellow-green lanceolate wavy foliage, nice $10.00
Fine Points - (S) pointed green leaves, neat small mound $8.00
Flora Dora - (S) mini apple green with lavender bloom $8.50
Fortunei Rugosa - (M) dark green heart shape with puckering $5.00
Green Sheen - (L) shiny medium green wavy leaves $15.00
Green Pie Crust - (VL) dark green rippled margins dense mound $16.00
Gum Drop - (S) light green heart shape leaves forms a tight clump $4.00
Hime - (M) narrow green leaves $8.00
Honeybells - (L) light green spear shaped, fragrant violet bloom $4.00
Hypoluca - (L) lime green long heart shape glaucus blue underside $35.00
Invincible - (M) shiny bright green foliage, beautiful $12.00
Kikutti Pruinosa - (M) very pointed glaucus green foliage different $20.00
Lancifolia - (M) mounded lance shaped foliage tolerates sun fast growth $4.00
Lancilata - (M) large heart shape foliage rapid growth tolerates sun $4.00
Leather Sheen - (S) shiny dark green narrow blades $20.00
Pineapple Poll - (L) medium dark green, long rippled blade $12.00
Plantaginea Aphrodite - (L) shiny smooth light green leaf, dbl fragrant white bl. $14.00
Royal Standard - (L) spear shaped leaves fragrant white bloom, tolerates sun $6.50
Tardiflora - (M) glossy lanceolate leaves latest to bloom, lovely $12.00
Tot Tot - (S) mini compact 1" leaves 4" tall, darling $8.00

Blue Shadows - (M) dark blue-green with gold shaded margins, cupped and puckered $25.00
Chinese Sunrise - (M) narrow yellow with dark green edge in spring $7.50
Crusader - (L) green center with yl & cream margins, wavy rounded blade $14.00
Emerald Tiara - (S) yellow-green center with dark green margins $20.00
Fortunei Aureo-marginata (Gold Crown) - (M) deep green with deep yellow defined margins $12.50
Fortunei Gold Standard - (M) bright gold center, darker green margin, 7" heart shaped leaves, lavender bloom $12.00
Golden Tiara - (S) green with gold margins, a must have $7.50
Great Expectations - (L) round puckered wide yellow-cream center with irregular margins of blue to light green $25.00
June - photo2 (M) gold center blue & green margins, pointed thick leaf $20.00
Moonlight - (M) irregular cream stripes over green lance shape leaves$15.00
Pauls Glory - (L) yellow center with 12" blue green border $35.00
Platinum Tiara - (S) light gold with ivory border, vigorous growth $12.00
Radiant Edger - (M) dark green center, bright gold margins $15.00
Regal Splendor - (VL) powdery blue center, creamy yl to white margins, vase shaped mound $22.00
September Sun - (VL) medium gold center with green margins, deep veins, corrugated $18.00
Shade Fanfare - (ML) light green to gold base with broad cream margins, tolerates sun $15.00
Sugar & Cream - (L) dark green with cream margins, fragrant near white bloom $15.00
Sugar Plum Fairy - (S) mini deep green lance with gold wavy margins $6.00
Tokudama Aureonebulosa - (M) chartreuse gold center with blue green margins, heavily corrugated $20.00
Tokudama Flavocircinalis - (L) reverse of T. Aureonebulosa $20.00
Yellow River - (ML) dark green with creamy yellow margins $25.00

GUARANTEE: Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for refund minus postage.

We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

Prices subject to change.

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