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New Plants for 2006!
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New Plants Available Spring 2006

AGASTACHE (HYSSOP) 'Black Adder' - dark purple to lighter blue, late bloom anise fragrance, 2'-3' tall $6.00
ARGYRANTHEMUM fruitescens (Marguarite Daisy) - 2 1/2" white daisy-like flowers with yellow centers, 2'-3' tall, blooms all summer, Z10, $4.99
ARTEMESIA versicolor 'Seafoam' - finely filigreed silver-gray foliage on woody stems, sturdier than 'Silver Mound', 18" tall, Z4, $5.50
AQUILEGIA vulgaris 'Woodside Variegata' - golden foliage, blue and rose spring flowers, 24" tall, Z3, $4.99
ASARUM (GINGER)arifolium (Little Brown Jug) - shade, fragrant leaves, evergreen $11.25
COREOPSIS grandiflora 'Tequilla Sunrise' - yellow and green variegated foliage, yellow-orange bloom with brown center, 12" tall, $5.99
D. s. 'Red Feather' - rose red feathery edged petals, 10" tall $4.50
D. gratianopolitanus 'Feurhexe' (Firewitch) - 2006 Plant of the Year, red raspberry 1" blossums, spicy clove fragrance, silver blue foiliage, 6" tall, reblooms, $4.99
D. g. 'Ginger Kisses' - 2 tone pink flowers over 5" tall blue foliage, prolonged bloom, $4.99
DICONDRA 'Silver Falls' - heat tolerant, silver-rounded leaf, 4' trailing
ECHINACEA purpurea 'Rubinstern' - intense carmine-red flowers with horizontal petals, 40" tall, Z3, $5.50
HELIANTHEMUM nummularium - rockery, 6"-8" dwarf evergreen shruby foliage with single blosoms in bright colors (mix), Z5, $5.50
HIERACIUM aurantiacum (Hawkweed) - orange-red flowers on 12" stems, for rockery or wildflower areas, Z4, $4.99
HEUCHERA sanguinea 'Ruby Bells' - dark red flowers, green foliage, 16" tall, Z4, $4.99
LUPINUS 'Russells Hybrids' (Lupine) - mixed collors, 2 ½' tall $6.25
OROSTACHYS aggregeatus (Dunce Caps) - 6" green rosette succulent, rockery, Z5, $5.50
PRIMULA Candelabra hybrids - mix colors, blooms on 12"-18" stems, Z5, $5.50
PULSATILLA vulgaris 'Heiler Hybrids'- mix of bright colors, 12" tall, Z5, $4.99
S. lyrata 'Purple Knockout' (Lyre Leaf) - beautiful purple-red foliage, lavender bloom, 15" tall, Z6, $4.99
S. gaurantica 'Omaha' - hairy dark green leaves with chartreuse border, 5' tall stems topped with 8" clusters of indigo flowers, 1 1/2" long set in black calyces, Z8, $4.99
SEDUM spectabile 'Neon' - intense deep purplish-pink blooms over 15: dark green foliage, Z3, $4.99
SENECIO macro variegatus (Variegated Jade Vine) - creeping tiny ivy shaded variegated foliage for planters or troughs, Z9, $4.99
SEMPERVIVUM calcareum 'Mrs. Guiseppi' - gray-blue leaves with rich maroon tips, interesting color and pattern, Z3, $5.25

Bulbs and Tubers
C. Z. Albo Maculata - spotted leaf, white bloom, 10"-16" tall, $2.99 each
C. 'Rublylite Pink Ice' - soft pastel pink, 14"-18" tall, $3.25 each
C. 'Sunshine' - yellow uniform 3" flowers, 18"-22" tall, $3.75 each

LILIUM - basal roots on lily bulbs should never be allowed to dry, asiatics bloom first, orientals later, and are fragrant. Potted. Top size bulbs.
L. 'Grand Paradiso' - orange-red, unspotted, 40" tall, asiatic, $3.98
L. 'Pink Tiger' - rich pink with black spots, 36" tall, asiatic, $3.98
L. 'White Tiger' - pure white, maroon spots, 36" tall, asiatic, $3.98
L. orientalis 'Tom Pouce' - 32" tall, light pink with yellow stripe band, fragrant $4.98

LONICERA (Honeysuckle)
L. periclymenum 'Harlequin' - variegated green edged with white and pink highlighted foliage, yellow and pink fragrant flowers throughout the season, $18.95

C. Nootkatensis - Z5 7 B&B $219.00
P. parvifolia 'Adcock's Dwarf' - slow growing, 9" 1 gal. $34.00
P. parvifolia 'Early Cone' - 15" 1 gal. $34.00
T. occidentalis 'Douglasonii Pyramidalis' - very narrow form, dark green foliage, 3'-4' B&B $62.95
T. occidentalis 'Tom Thumb' - ruffled foliage, 12" tall globe form, 1 gal. $16.95
THUJOPSIS dolobrata 'Nana' - interesting flat evergreen foliage, 3' tall, dwarf form, Z5, 2 qt. $15.95

Athryium filix-femina 'Victoriea', (Victoria Lady Fern) - unusual fern with crisscross pinnae and crested leaf tips, clumping form, 18"-24' tall, Z4-9, qt. $9.50
Athyrium felix-femina 'Frizelliae', (Tatting Fern) - deciduous, unique narrow fronds with pinnae round bead-like balls, clump form, 12"-18" tall, Z4-8, qt. $9.50
Dryopteris pseudo filix-mas , (Mexican Male) - evergreen, dark foliage, clumping form, 30"-48" tall, Z5-9, qt. $9.50
Dryopteris tokyoensis, (Tokyo Wood Fern) - erect, narrow fronds, vigorous grower, 18"-36" tall, Z5-8, qt. $9.50
Dryopteris x australis, (Dixie Wood Fern) - upright form, dark green, semi-evergreen, 48" tall, Z5-9, qt. $9.50
Thelypteris decursive-pinnata, (Japanese Beech) - colonizes to make a groundcover in moist or dry shade, evergreen along the Gulf Coast, 12"-24" tall, Z4-10, qt. $9.50


Grass Look-a-likes

Ground Covers
Hedera colchicum dentatum - 2 1/2 pot $2.50   4 pot $4.99

GILLENIA trifoliata (Indian Physic) - white-pale pink flowers on red fuzzy stems, May bloom, native, Z4, $5.25
L. angustifolia 'Twickle Purple' - compact bushy 2' tall, purple bloom, foliage flushed purple in winter, Z5, $5.50
L. x intermedia 'Silver Edge' - blue-green foliage with creamy white margins, 3' tall x 2' wide, large blue-violet flowers, Z6, $5.50
- clusters of white tiny daisy like flowers, 3' tall $5.25
THYMUS 'Elfin' - miniature 2" tall, glossy round leaves, 4"-8" wide magenta pink bloom, Z5
TUCRIUM chamaedrys variegata (Germander) - lavender-rose bloom over white variegated foliage, 10"-12" tall, Z5, $5.50

Roses  $18.00 each
Julia Child - butter-gold double blooms, licorice fragrance, 3'x3' everblooming, disease resistant

ARCTOSTAPHYLOS UVA-URSI (Kinnikinnik) - leathery evergreen ground cover, red bark, pink spring bloom, red berries, 8" x 24", Z3, 1 gal. $18.99
GENISTA PILOSA 'Gold Flash' - low ground cover, yellow spring bloom, rockery, 12"x24", Z2 1 gal. $16.95
H. virginiana - native species, golden yellow bloom, 3 gal. $28.00
H. x int. 'Antoine Kort' - clear red curled, twisted and crimpted petals, strong sweet fragrance, 1 gallon $32.00
H. x int. 'Fireblaze' - coppery orange bloom with rad base, strong spicy fragrance, 1 gallon $32.00
H. x int. 'Limelight' - pale clear yellow, 1 gallon $32.00
H. x int. 'Orange Beauty' - yellow-orange petals, base red purple gives strong orange effect, fragrant, 1 gallon $32.00
H. x int. 'Orange Encore' - curled petals of golden yellow, brown red calyx, giving light orange overall color, dark to maroon foliage through the season in sun, 1 gallon $32.00
H. serrata 'Spreading Beauty' - only 2' tall, lower spreading habit, pink bloom, 3 gal. $42.00
H. q. 'Snow Flake' - double white blossum, 6' tall, 3 gal. $52.00
H. q. 'Sykes Dwarf' - dwarf habit, large bloom, 3 gal. $49.00
LEPTODERMIS oblonga - lavender lilac like blooms in spring May-June, intermittent bloom throughout the summer, strong lilac fragrance, 3x3 size, Z5, 2 gal. $28.95
LESPEDEZA thunbergii 'Alba' - white bloom, July-Aug, 3 gal. $32.00
RHODODENDRON 'Cunningham's White' - large glossy foliage, white bloom $64.00
RHUS copallina v. latifolia 'Prairie Flame' - compact habit, 5' tall, shiny foliage, white August bloom, great fall foliage color, Z5-9, 4 gal. $39.95
RHUS typhina 'Tiger Eyes' - gold foliage cutleaf sumac, 6', Z4-8 3 gal. $28.95
SINOCALYCANTHUS chinensis (chinese was shrub) - waxy white to bluish pink 4" camelia like blossums with yellow centers, May bloom, aromatic spicy foliage, for semi-shade and well drained area RARE, 5 gal. $59.95

F. sylvatica orientalis - green foliage, 30' max. height, 2 gal. $44.00
F. s. 'Rotundifolia' - dark green rounded foliage, upright form, 2 gal. $44.00
M. loebneri 'Ballerina' - large white bloom
M. x 'Coral Lake' - beautiful coral with pink highlights, 6' B&B $210.00
M. x 'Hattie Carthan' - brownish, green, coral and green shaded upright buds, open to cream blooms with lavender throat, 10 gal. or B&B 6' $210.00

ERYTHRONIUM americanum (Dogtooth Violet) - mix of yellow and white blooms, spotted foliage, native $4.99
HAWKEED (Hieracium aruantiacum) - see perennial listing

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