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Order and shipping information.

Certain plants require a specific ship time. In spring or fall, shrubs, roses, and trees are all shipped semi-dormant and semi-bareroot. Since quantities are sometimes limited and items sell out, orders that are placed early are put into our system and the plants requested are held for you until the proper shipping time. We do not charge your credit card until two weeks prior to shipping. We also send notification of the exact ship date so you can be expecting your plants.

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The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required growing space.

The size of the roses shipped are bare-root #1 grade, the same blooming size roses sold in the nursery in 2 gallon containers We prefer to ship roses while they are dormant and can be shipped bare-root, but if cercumstances require they be shipped while in growth, they can be shipped potted. This would require an additional $5.00 per plant freight charge.

Z  ———— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
+ ————– Explorer series, very winter hardy
B&B ——— Balled and Burlapped

See for more information about the Explorer and Parkland series of hardy roses
See for more information about Dr. Griffith Buck, hardy, shrub roses

A bit about 'Own root roses' Do not confuse these own root roses with small bushes. Ours are full blooming size bushes, but being on their own root they can not freeze out. Bare Root shipped March, April and October only. Potted roses available anytime at the nursery. All varieties on display throughout the borders, rose pergola, and herb garden. The roses offered here, own root or grafted, are ones that will be with you a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with age, so give these bushes room. These are also varieties that are not susceptible to freezing out in bad weather. We have many other miscellaneous varieties at the nursery but not in enough quantity to list. So inquire if you’re looking for a particular variety.

Peak bloom for our roses is usually the first week of June.     

Balled and Burlapped (B&B) sizes are available on some varieties. These are full grown shrubs that are too large for pots, and are for instant gratification in the garden. Not mail order sizes. Pick up only. Priced as to size. $42.00 and up.

Note: Many of our customers ask about roses that are no longer on the market. We are constantly on the lookout and try to make available the roses that we believe are the best varieties of olde roses that you our customers are looking for. Grower/wholesalers are now more interested in selling their branded varieties with new patents that make them more money, and dropping the tried and true varieties. Continue asking every garden center/nursery that you shop for the varieties you want. Remember all business is customer driven! Read our Fall 2014 Newsletter regarding roses.


$30.00 each

Constance Spry - (Austin) round, peony shaped, luminous pink blooms on cascading branches 7'-12' tall, spring bloom only, heavy myrrh fragrance, Z5 (sold out 2018)

Fourth of July - semi-double, red & white striped, rich fragrance, repeat bloomer, vigorous growth 12'-14' Z6-9

Harison’s Yellow - Bred in United Kingdom (Circa 1824) by George Folliott, own root. Masses of small fragrant yl. bloom, spring bloom only, use as shrub or climber, 8'-9', Z5

Hippolyte (Gallica) -vigorous tall climber or shrub, semi-thornless, soft violet purple, double full bloom, heavy fragrance, long spring bloom (We have various sizes available for shipping - inquire)

New Dawn - photo2 pale, creamy pink, everblooming, glossy foilage, Z5

Polka (Romantica Series) - 8' - 10' canes with huge round apricot blooms, spicy fragrance, disease resistant, everblooming. A favorite.

Valentines Day - own root, clusters of double deep red medium size blooms, 6'-10' tall, disease resistant, everblooming Z5
+ William Baffin - own root; Double pink clusters, old fashioned look, disease resistant, repeat bloom, 10’, Z3

Zephirine Drouhin (Bourbon) - 1868 thornless fragrant pink, everblooming, 10’, Z4    

Dr. Griffith Buck of Iowa crosses the Olde Roses with hybrid teas to get the fragrance and hardiness of the olde and the bloom shape of the hybrid tea roses, for roses that are hardy to Z3. I’ve been growing them for over 20 yrs and they are superior to any rose that’s being hybridized today. I grow over 15 of his varieties.
(for more information about Dr. Griffith Buck roses see: )

** IMPORTANT AVAILABILITY INFORMATION: We are propagating many Griffith Buck roses to offer to our customers, but they become available when they reach blooming size and ready for planting in the garden. If you are interested in placing your order on our CUSTOMER WISH LIST, we will notify you when it is available. The following varieties are in production and may be availalble during the 2017 season: Hi, Neighbor, Silver Shadows, Quietness, Polonaise, Wild Ginger, Prairie Sunrise, Winter Sunset, Les Sjulin, Earth Song, Prairie Harvest, and Aunt Honey


HI, NEIGHBOR - grandiflora, hot pink double blooms, 4' tall, everblooming

SILVER SHADOWS - light lavender to white double blooms, fragrant, 4' tall, everblooming

QUIETNESS - light pale pink double blooms, very fragrant, 3' tall, everblooming

POLONAISE - very double red/pink bloom, sweet fragrance, 4' tall, everblooming

WILD GINGER - deep apricolt orange clusters of bloom, fruit fragrance, 4' tall, everblooming (sold out 2018)

Honey Sweet photo2- own root; yellow buds in clusters, are tipped with rosey red. Opening to 4" double blooms from yellow and orange to rosy pink, honey fragrance, everblooming, 3'-4' tall

*$30.00 each

Aunt Honey - own root; double carmine rose buds open to light carmine color, damask fragrance everblooming, 4’, Z5 Sold Out 2018

Carefree Beauty - own root; hybrid tea type pink bud opens to large bloom, 5’, everblooming, Z4

Distant Drums photo2- floribunda habit with brunette buds that open to ruffles of orchid pink, fragrant, disease resistant, 4' Z5

Prairie Harvest - own root; clusters of fragrant 4 light yellow blooms, glossy foliage everblooming, 4 1/2, Z4

Prairie Princess - own root, clusters of medium pink blooms, fragrant, 5'-8' tall, everblooming Z4 Sold Out 2018

Serendipity - own root; hybrid tea shaped, 5" double soft creamy orange to soft pink edged blooms, apple fragrance, everblooming 3'x3', disease resistant, Z5

Prairie Sunrise - own root; large quartered apricot to salmon blend, very fragrant, everblooming Z4

Winter Sunset - own root; clusters of hybrid tea type buds open to dbl amber yellow with orange base blooms, glossy foliage, everblooming, 3, Z4

(for more information about Rosa rugosa see:

$30.00 each

These roses have heavy rugose type foliage, disease resistant, treat as shrubs.

Belle Poitevine photo2 France (1894) - own root; pink, recurrent bloom, 3', fragrant, Z3

Blanc Double DeCoubert - double white, fragrant, everblooming, 5', Z3

Frau Dagmar Hartopp- own root, 3" medium pink single blooms, very fragrant, everblooming, 3'x3' great from hedging too, beautiful copper fall foliage Z4

Magnifica - own root; double, deep rose, fragrant, our favorite, we use these blooms to make our rose conserve we serve here on Gardener's Day, 3-4', everblooming, Z4 Limited

+Henry Hudson - rugosa hybrid, own root; 2 1/2 ' double, white bloom, everblooming, Z3 SOLD OUT

Linda Campbell - clusters of true red double bloom, 3'-4' Z3

Moje Hammarberg - own root; very fragrant, large violet crimson double blooms, produces hips and blooms and the same time, 3'-4' tall, everblooming Z3
Rugosa Rosea - own root; pink version of above, everblooming, Z2 Limited

Sir Thomas Lipton - own root; Vase shaped bush, completely disease resistant double, white, recurrent bloom, 7',  Z3. This has rebloomed for us in August with 100 temperatures and drought. Limited


First Edition's 'Polar Joy' - Own Root, the only standard form of rose we can grow in our northern climate, withstanding -20 degrees many winters. Constant blooming clusters of single pink blooms, disease resisant. 4' tall standard available, limited availability shipped bare root only $92.00 each. Limited


*$30.00 each

Alexander Mackenzie photo2 (shrub) - clusters (6-12) deep red cupped bloom, disease resistant foliage, 6', repeat bloom, Z4

Belinda's Dream (Floribunda) - gorgeous double lavender-pink, fragrant, good disease resistance, everblooming, 3'

Bull's Eye- beautiful novelty rose, semi-double cranberry eye zone with creamy petels, superb black spot resistance, bushy growth 3' - 4', ever blooming, great cold climate rose Z4

Apothocary Rose - semi-double 3" rose red blooms, very fragrant, shade tolerant, used for medicinal purposed in Medieval times, spring bloom, large rose hips in summer 3'-4' tall Z4

Charles de Mills - own root; pre 1885 maroon crimson quartered bloom, ages to purple, strong fragrance, sometimes repeats bloom, 5'

Cinco de Mayo (Floribunda) - lavender, red-orange blend, apple fragrance, everblooming, disease resistant, 2'-3', Z5

Common Moss (Moss) - own root; mossy buds double, pink quartered, fragrant bloom & foliage, June bloom, 5', Z3

Edith's Darling Downton Abby Shrub Rose - own root; semi quartered dbl.old fashion clustered bloom, 3" diameter, fragrant, 3' tall Z5 $35.00

Easy Does It (Floribunda) - orange, peach apricot blend, moderate fragrance, disease resistant, 2.5', Z5

The Fairy (Polyantha) - own root; literally covered with bouquets of small pink roses from June to November, 3'x4', Z5

Gourmet Popcorn - own root; clusters of semi-dbl white bloom, 2', everblooming, Z5

Great Maiden’s Blush (Alba) - own root; light fragrant pink bloom, 6', spring bloom only (Limited)

Iceberg (Own Root); floribunda fragrant clusters of white 3: blooms all summer, disease resistant

+John Davis - own root; Climber or Shrub, clusters of double, pink fragrant bloom, disease resistant, everblooming, 8' Z3

Red Fairy - like 'The Fairy' but clusters of red flowers, everblooming, 3' x 3', Z4 (Limited)

Reine Victoria (bourbon) - own root, France 1872, rose pink quartered bloom, fragrant, 6' tall x4' wide, can spread Z5

Rubrifolia or 'R. glauca' - own root; red canes and purplish red foilage, covered with small pink star like bloom in June, masses of vermillion hips form staying on bush til winter, excellent accent shrub or hedge,4', Z2

Therese Bugnet - own root; almost thornless purple canes lovely foliage masses of fragrant double, pink bloom, repeat bloom, Z3

Traviata (Romantica Series) - bright currant-red 3" blooms, spicy fragrance, glossy disease resistant foliage, everblooming, 5', Z5

GUARANTEE: Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for refund minus postage.

We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

Prices subject to change.

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