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Order and shipping information.

Certain plants require a specific ship time. In spring or fall, shrubs, roses, and trees are all shipped semi-dormant and semi-bareroot. Since quantities are sometimes limited and items sell out, orders that are placed early are put into our system and the plants requested are held for you until the proper shipping time. We do not charge your credit card until two weeks prior to shipping. We also send notification of the exact ship date so you can be expecting your plants.

Trees shipped in oversize boxes (5'-6') will have an addtional shipping fee of $10.00 each. This is a pass through of the carriers "oversize box charge".

The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required growing space.

Since our catalog serves both mail order and Plant Farm visitors, B&B (balled & burlapped) trees are not for mail order. Varying sizes available at nursery and priced accordingly. Understory trees are those which will grow under another tree's canopy. Sizes listed at price is size shipped.

shade  shade material
Z   hardiness zone (example: Z4)

B&B balled and burlaped

ACER (Maple)
A. ginnala (Amur maple) 1 gal. $12.00 and up
A. palmatum 'Bloodgood' -red leaf Japanese maple, 4 1/2' B&B $149.00
A. palmatum 'Butterfly' - tricolor foliage of pink-green-white, dwarf, hardy, Z5 3gal $99.00
A. platanoides 'Crimson King'- dark red foilage; B&B 8' $135.00, 12'-14' B&B $249.00
A. griseum (Paperbark Maple) - exfoliating bark, beautiful fall foliage, 5' B&B $99.00, lgr. B&B available

A. pavia (Red Horse Chestnut) - red bloom, 18'-20' max, 6' B&B $199.00 and up  Inquire about shipable sizes and prices
A. x carnea 'Oneil' - dark pink bloom 15' max; 3'-4' B&B $125.00
A. x carnea 'Briotti' - pink bloom, 15' max; 4' B&B $125.00
A. glabra - white bloom, native 4 gal. $58.95 , 5'-6' B&B $89.95 & up
A. variegata - uneven white variegation to foliage, 4'-5', B&B $99.00
A. parvifolia (bottlebrush buckeye) see Shrub Listing
ALNUS (European Alder) - likes wet areas, good windbreak, 4 GAL. $38.95, B&B available

ARALIA ELATA (Angelica Tree) - 12, sprays of wh. bloom and berries in Aug. 12 tall, tropical looking, rare, Z5 B&B $69.00 & up Inquire about availability of smaller sizes.

ASIMINA TRILOBA (Paw Paw)- native with banana shaped edible fruit for wildlife, 20' max ht. Z5-8, 5'-6' $159.00


BETULA NIGRA (River Birch) - clump form, exfoliating bark, 6' B&B $120.00, 9'-10' B&B $189.00 & up

CARPINUS (Hornbeam)
C. caroliniana (American Hornbeam)- NATIVE, Z3, 6' B&B, $159.00 & up
C. betula fastigiata - narrow upright habit 1 1/2" cal. 10'-12', $299.00

CERCIDIPHYLLUM (Katsura Tree) more info
C. japonicum - beautiful blue-green, graceful foliage with gorgeous fall color. RareZ4 8'-10', 3 gal. $119.00, B&B 8'-9' $235.00
C. j. 'Morekas Weeping' - weeping form B&B $210.00 & up

CERCIS (Redbud)  more info
C. canadensis alba - green foliage, white bloom 7'-8' B&B $149.00 & up
C. canadensis - native 2 gal. $24.00 B&B $89.00 & up
C. canadensis 'Alley Cat'- newest variegated form, highest sun tolerance, pink bloom, 4' B&B $110.00, 5'-6' 7 gal $220.00

C. canadensis 'Appalachian Red' - very fluorescent pink bloom, green foliage, 5' size $125.00 & up
C. canadensis 'Covey' (weeping redbud) - weeping form, pink bloom, 6' B&B $199.00 (2" cal), B&B (3"caliper) $300.00
C. canadensis 'Floating Cloud' - variegated foliage, pink bloom, newer introduction with better sun tolerance, 3', B&B $139.00 sold out 2020
C. canadensis 'Forest Pansy' - purple foliage, pink bloom, 6' B&B $149.00 (limited), 7-8 B&B $199.00 & up
C. canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' - golden yellow foliage, pink bloom HARD TO FIND 2.5" cal. $125.00 as is

Cercis canadensis 'Little Woody'- crinkly blue green foliage, heavy pink bloom, dwarf variety 8' - 10' max. hgt. - 6 gal. $199.00 RARE

Cercis can. 'Pom Pom' - large double blooming flowers making a pom like cluster, beautiful interesting bloom 6' B&B $210.00
C. canadensis 'The Rising Sun' -New introduction, deep apricot-orange foliage matures to yellow with hints of lime green, turning gold in autumn, rosy orchid spring bloom, compact growth 8'- 12' tall at maturity x 8' wide, most heat tolerant yellow variety. Z5-9 #5 cont. 3' tall $189.00
C. c. 'Ruby Falls' - NEW red leaf weeping form with pink blooms, 5' B&B $269.00
C. c. 'Vanilla Twist' - NEW 2013 INTRODUCTION, white blooming, weeping form 6' tall, 1.5" cal., B&B $299.00, 5'-6' $239.00 Limited

C. c. 'White Water' - Weeping form with variegated green and white foliage, pink bloom 7'tall x 3'wide max. 7 gal. 4' $259.00 (limited)

C. c.' Carolina Sweetheart' - tri color foliage, pink bloom $199.00 and up (limited)

C. virginicus (White Fringe) multi-stem, good understory tree 6 B&B $99.00
C. retusus - exfoliating bark, smaller foliage, rare 6 B&B $89.00 & up
C. v. 'White Knight' - dwarf form, more upright, 4 gal. $79.00
C. kentuckea 'Perkins Pink' photo - sprays of pink bloom RARE, B&B 1" caliper $189.00
C. lutea (Yellowwood)- sprays of cream bloom, 5' B&B $129.007-8 B&B $179.00 and up

CLERODENDRON (Glorybower) - large leaves (malodorous when bruised), sprays of rose red blossoms, that open to show a vibrant blue berry, gorgeous. Can be prunned to the ground. Z5 3 gal. size $39.95 B&B available

CORNUS (Dogwood)
C. florida - White bloom, native 6 B&B $110.00 and up more information
C. f. - Pink bloom, native 5 B&B $110.00 & up
C. f. 'Cherokee Daybreak'- green and yellow foliage, pink bloom, B&B 5' $110.00 & up
C. f. 'Cherokee Sunset' - pink, green and yellow foliage in spring, red bloom B&B 5' $110.00 & up
C. f. ' Cherokee Brave' - variegated foliage, white bloom B&B (6'-7' size) B&B $249.00
C. k. 'Fascination' - new and rare form, faciated limbs with fused leaves and petals, white bloom, 4' B&B $99.00
C. kousa - white bloom, large red raspberry like fruit B&B $48.00 & up more information
C. k. 'Blue Shadow' - outstanding green blue foliage, white bloom B&B 4' $189.00
C. k. 'Limon Ripple' - green and yellow variegated foliage, white bloom, B&B 125.00, & $59.95, 2 gal. $49.95
C. k. 'Lustgarten Weeping' - grafted 4'-5' standard, rare $99.00 & up

C. k. weeping habit (unnamed variety) $89.95
C. k. 'Mandarin Jewel'- NEW 2013 INTRODUCTION, first yellow fruiting variety, fruit ages to an apricot color, size 7' - 8' B&B $149.00
C. k. 'Madison' - white bloom, glossy foliage, colorful foliage starting in August, 4' B&B $129.00 and up

C. k. 'Pam's Mountain Bouquet' - new introduction where the flower bracts are fused into a square, white bloom, very unusual, 5' B&B $199.00 limited
C. k. 'Satomi' - pink bloom 3 gal. $42.50, 6’ B&B $189.00
C. k. 'Milky Way' photo fall - large white blooms in June B&B (5' size) $189.00,  

C. k. 'Summer Gold' - foliage variegated gold edge, with pink edges in summer, cream-white summer bloom, upright habit, 8' tall max. x 4' wide Z4-8, 3' B&B $89.95 & up
C. k. 'Wolf Eyes' photo fall- wavy green and white foliage; white bloom; 4' B&B $239.95   2'-3' shippable size $69.95
C. mas 'Aurea' - golden foliage with red summer fruit, yellow bloom in Feb/March, hard to find variety 2 gal. $59.95

C. mas 'variegata' - white and green variegated foliage, yellow bloom, red berries 3gal. 4' $79.95

C. mas 'Flava' - green foliage with yellow fruit, yellow bloom in Feb/March, 2 gal. $59.95
C. rut. 'Venus' - the largest of white blooms on a dogwood 5'-6' B&B $189.00, 5' whip $99.00

Cornus x 'Shadow's Variegated Celestial- white bloom, green with wide bright yellow edge foliage, cross of florida and kousa, D. Shadow introduction. 4' B&B $169.00, 3' B&B $125.00
Cornus x 'Steller Pink' - pink blooming hybrid with green foliage, 5' tall $99.00

C. k. Rutpink (Scarlet Spire) newest dark pink blooming kousa 5' B&B $169.00


CRATAEGUS phaenopyrum (Washington Hawthorne) native, white bloom, red berries, 25'-30 tall, good fall foliage color 5' 4 gal. $68.00

DIOSPYROS VIRGINIANA (see Persimmon in this listing)

E. atropurpureus (Spindle Tree/Wahoo) - good understory tree, red fruit and fall foliage, native, Z4 2 gallon $36.95,  B&B $48.00 & up
E. americanus - called "Strawberry" because of berry capsule, same as above, scarlet fruit, very different, 3 gallon $39.99
E. canosus - creamy bloom, produce red bracts and berries (RARE) $42.00
FAGUS (Beech)- all are spectacular and tolerate dryness & pruning; B&B only; sizes listed are the size available, not ultimate height

F. grandiflora (American Beech) - native 6' B&B $149.00

F. sylvatica 'Ansorgei' - dark red linear pendulous foliage, feathery weeping appearance RARE 2 gal. $125.00 limited
F. sylvatica - green foliage 7 $110.00
F. s. atropunicea (copper) - paler purple foliage, 8'-9' B&B $225.00
F. s. 'Cristata' - green coarsely toothed triangular leaves, crumpled at edges, B&B $179.00
F. s. 'Dawycki Purple' - upright form, deep purple foliage, B&B $275.00, and $159.00
F. s. 'Red Oblisk' - upright form, rounder red foliage $199.00
F. s. hetrophylla 'Asplenifolia' - very lacinated green foliage $199.00 & up
F. s. orientalis - green foliage, 30' max. height, B&B $110.00
F. s. 'Purple Fountains' (Copper Weeping) - purple $399.00 2" cal.
F. s. p. 'Riversi' - dark purple foliage 10 $269.00
F. s. 'Roseo Marginata' (Tri-Color) - purple/green, pink & white varigated B&B 6'-7' $324.00, 4 gal. $89.00
F. s. 'Rotundifolia' - dark green rounded foliage, upright form, B&B $425.00 3" cal.
F. s. 'Rohani' - undulating copper foliage, columnar form 9'-10' B&B $425.00 2" cal.

GINKGO - beautiful foliage, ancient tree, gold fall color, 5'-6'' B&B $149.00

GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS (Kentucky Coffeetree) - beautiful and interesting tree for the landscape, B&B 8'-10' $149.00 & up, 2'-3' shippable size $32.95

HALESIA  more information)
H. Carolina (Carolina Silver Bell) shade- good understory tree, any soil, part shade, moist, Z3, 6 B&B $119.00 & up
H. Monticola (Mountain Silver Bell) - larger foliage, white bloom 7'-8' B&B $99.00 & up

HEPTACODIUM MICONIOIDES (Seven Sons Flower) - fragrant white bloom in late summer produce scarlet red petals around a seed pod for fall, Z4-9, 6' B&B $199.00 & up, 3 gal. size available $48.95

HYDRANGEA TREE FORM - see shrub listing

K. Paniculata (Gold Rain Tree) - yellow bloom sprays Z5 2 gal. approximately 3'-4' $36.95 and up B&B available

LARIX (Larch)
L. kaempferi (Japanese Larch) - deciduous evergreen, soft lovely green blue green needles  4' B&B $89.95 & up

LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua variegata (Variegated Sweetgum) - yellow & green foliage, Z5 8' B&B $179.00 & up
L. s. 'Slender Silhouette' - new introduction, narrow (4' max) upright form, 7' B&B $199.00

L. tulipfera - green/yellow cupped bloom, May, native 5' B&B size $99.95 , 6' B&B $125.00 & up
L. t. 'Fastigiatium' - narrow, upright form, B&B 7' $165.00

(these are all bushy full, blooming size trees)
M. acuminata. 'Moegi Dori' - accuminata magnolia is native to the eastern U.S., yellow bloom, 3' $79.95

M. acuminata 'Koban-dori' - single trunk, yellow bloom, 3 1/2' - 4' B&B $99.00
M. loebneri 'Leonard Messel' - pink bloom April, fragrant, reblooms, frost resistant, Z5, B&B $169.00 & up
M. grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'- evergreebm fragrant flowers, 20'x15', Z5, 3'-4' B&B $89.95
M. g. 'D. D. Blanchard' - upright selection with dark green leaves and rich orange-brown undersides, evergreen Z5 4'-5' tall B&B $225.00
M. grand. 'Edith Bogue' - cold hardiest southern magnolia, evergreen foliage, white bloom, fragrant,30' max. Z4, 3'-4' B&B $89.95, 6' B&B $145.00& up
M. grand. 'Victoria' - a great hardy southern magnolia for northern climates, hardy to minus 12 degrees F. (ours has done well to 18F), glossy foliage with rusty reverse, planted since 1930’s Z5 5 gal. 5’-6’ $189.00
M. stellata 'Royal Star' - wh. bloom, buds are frost resistant, Z5 4’ B&B $99.00 & larger available
M. stellata Hybrid Pink - dark pink bloom, April, frost resistant Z5 7’ mature size sold, B&B $289.00
M. virginiana (Sweet Bay) - summer, white bloom fragrant, Z5, 5' B&B $169.00 and up

M.x 'Coral Lake' - beautiful upright bloom in lucious peach pink with yellow tones, 5' B&B $225.00

M. x' Golden Gift' - beautiful clear yellow blooms cover this pyramidal shape tree, 20' max 5' B&B $210.00

M. x 'Golden Sun'- a favorite yellow blooming variety end of April, pyramidal shape 15' x 12' max.5 1/2' B&B $225.00

M. x 'Frank's Masterpiece' - huge 10" blooms of soft pink with deep purple on the reverse side, upright form. Z5, 4' B&B $125.00 & up

M. x 'Judy Zuk' - upward facing fragrant strong yellow blooms with an orange pink shades to their base, 3' $99.00

M. x 'Hattie Carthan' - fragrant creamy yello with dark purple base bloom, upright form, dwarfer 20' tall max, 4' $99.00

M. x 'Rose Marie' - bright pink bloom with darker shades, very late and long blooming variety Z4-8, dwarfer 12' - 20 max. height, 4' $99.00

M. x. 'Sunsation' - yellow with purple base and rose pink striped accent, a rare color combination, medium size magnolia,Z5 4' $99.00
M. x 'Galaxy'- (tree form), large pink-purple bloom, later blooming time, 20'-30' tall, Z5-9, 7' B&B $225.00 (limited)
M. x 'Woodsman' photo2- a rarely found magnolia, buds the color of bittersweet chocolate open to multi-hued flowers of purple, chartreuse and rose. Early May bloom, not bothered by frost Z4-9, 4' B&B $99.95. 5' B&B $110.00 Limited

These new varieties are disease resistant, small glossy, hard fruit that holds till freezing, and softens for the birds in winter. Ultimate height listed.
M. 'Prairiefire' - reddest bloom available, dwarf, 15'-20' upright & rounded, B&B 7' $125.00
M. 'Sugar Tyme' - small variety, buds pink, white bloom, 15' Limited
M. 'Red Jade' - weeping variety, white bloom, red fruit, 8' x 8' B&B $299.00, LANDSCAPE SPECIMAN 5' $325.00

Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) - fash growing deciduous conifer, likes water 5' B&B $199.00

N. s. - beautiful native tree, gorgeous fall foliage color, pyramidal form, 30', bluish black fruit in fall for birds, 6' B&B $179.00 and up
N. s. 'Sheri's Cloud'- variegated green and white foliage, great red fall foliage color, 4' B&B $249.00
N. s. 'Zydeco Twist' - twisted branches form a beautiful tree for all seasons, beautiful red fall foliage RARE 6' B&B $210.00

(Ironwood or Hop Hornbeam)- 10', native, tolerates dry and shade, Z3 6'-8' B&B $199.00

OXYDENDRUM ARBOREUM (Sourwood) - small white bloom Aug., brilliant scarlet fall foliage, Native  6' B&B $179.00

PARROTIA SUBAEQUALIS (Chineses Parrotia) - smaller foliage, upright form, wine to scarlet fall folaige color, late winter bloom VERY RARE AND HARD TO FIND 30" 3 gal.$119.00

PARROTIA pendula - weeping form, very rare, 2 gal. $99.00
PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana)- native fruiting tree, 9' B&B $189.00, 5' B&B $125.00

Q. r. 'Fastigiata' (Upright English Oak) - very narrow-growing, maximum spread 5', low branching oak, can reach 60' tall, RARE, B&B 9' $210.00 and up.
Q. r. 'Filicifolia' - more lacinated fern like foliage RARE, 4' B&B $169.00, 3 gal. $99.00
Q. r. ' Variegata' - variegated green and white foliage, 5'-6' B&B $225.00, 3' $99.00

ROBINIA PSEUDOACACIA 'Rosea' (Pink Flowering Locust) - 6' max, pink boom May, 3 gallon $39.95, B&B $89.00, LIMITED

SALIX babylonica (weeping willow) - airy narrow foliage, great tree for wet areas B&B 6-8ft. $149.00

SASSAFRAS ALBIDUM (common) - native, great golden fall foliage, lovely tree or understory speciman, 3' B&B $69.95, 6' B&B $129.00

STYRAX (Japanese Snowbell)
S. japonica- small white bell shaped bloom, understory tree Z3, various sizes available plus 5 $82.00, 7'-8' B&B $199.00 more information more information more information
S. j. 'Pink Chimes' - clusters of pink bell shaped blooms, understory tree Z3 size avialable 1 1/4" caliper B&B $249.00, clump form $199.00 Limited

STEWARTIA pseudocamelia - white camellia like blooms in June, lovely fall color, exfoliating bark, can be used as an understory tree. 4'-5' B&B $189.00

TAMARIX ramossisima 'Summer Glow' - unusual small tree with blue-green foliage and pink bloom, 2 gal. $28.95 (limited)

Taxodium 'Michelson' (Bald Cypress) - deciduous evergreen, likes moist areas fast growing 4' B&B $99.00

GUARANTEE: Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for refund minus postage.

We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

Prices subject to change.

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